Frequently Asked Questions

Will my paper be original?

At Student’s Best Friend, every single paper is written from scratch. Every paper is 100% ORIGINAL.  No paper is ever recycled and given to another customer.

*If one were to submit the paper to a plagiarism-reporting program like these papers would likely read 10% or less on the similarity reports.  These small percentages are standard – they come from generic sequences of phrases that appear in other submitted papers from around the world or from quotes that are properly cited in the paper.  Less than 24% “similar” is an acceptable level according to’s guidelines for instructors.  Your paper, if submitted to, the report will never come remotely close to a level of 25% or above in similarity.

Will my paper be completed on time?

YES, ALWAYS.  After all, that is why we every student that knows about us regards us as their best friend.

Are you guys based in the U.S.?

We are a U.S. company.  We NEVER outsource our work.  Nearly all of the other websites out there that offer paper-writing services are based overseas.  Once again, we are based in the United States of America.

Can I turn this paper in and if I did, would it get a good grade?

We write these papers for exemplary and referential purposes only.  These are model papers!  These papers are written by highly educated individuals who possess Bachelor Degrees or better. You get the whole package: the full essay, the cover page, reference page, and everything else the assignment requires to be 100% complete.

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